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EP - 32

Enter the World of Fvckrender (W/ FvckRender)



Mar 15, 2022

That’s the kind of episode we look forward to weeks in advance. This is the inspiring story of someone who taught himself how to use 3D art software in his free time while working at a restaurant. Since then, he has sold over 2000 NFTs for about 9 million dollars and worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment, despite (or thanks to) the fact that “s*cks at doing what other people want but does great at doing what he wants”.

Last year he went from creating art to building a community and today he’s about to invite us into his metaverse, LVCIDIA. We’re obviously talking about Fvckrender. Together we’ll discuss his story, projects, dream collab and why patience is more important than money. This is On the Ledger entering the world of Fvckrender.

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