EP - 34

Creators & digital sovereignty w/ Lady Pheønix


Lady Phøenix
Crypto Art Curator

Mar 29, 2022

We are living the days of an artistic and cultural renaissance. Thanks to Blockchain technology, for the first time in history digital ownership is a possibility. And that changes everything. We can now own keys, create contracts and distribute assets. We are also free to port them over to different environments, which means that we can be digitally sovereign. How does this impact you and why is it important?
Big questions that demand big answers.
On this episode of On The Ledger, we are thrilled to talk to the crypto art curator and the founder & CEO of Universe Contemporary, Lady Pheønix, and to our VP of NFTs at Ledger, Parker Todd Brooks. A step by step guide for artists (and more) creating their NFTs in less than 45 minutes: this is your new episode of On The Ledger.

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