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EP - 1

Paraswap: How to make Defi easy & safe? w/ Mounir Benchemled


Mounir Benchemled

Jun 15, 2021

What are decentralized exchanges? Why are they relevant? Can they compete with banks?

On The Ledger meets with expert Mounir Benchemled, CEO of ParaSwap, the unique and successful decentralized exchanges aggregator. Together, they answer your questions about DeFi, raise others, leave you with smart food for thought on the topic, and… Announce an exclusive partnership that sees ParaSwap amazing service integrated within the Ledger ecosystem. Listen & enjoy an accessible dive into the future of DeFi’s user experience and security.

For this first episode, we are very happy to be hosting Mounir Benchelmed, Mounir is spearheading the DeFi revolution, he is founder of Paraswap, a unique decentralized exchange aggregator that offers a simple, fast and safe way to exchange Ethereum Tokens. 

We’ll be joined by Fabrice Dautriat, Fabrice is the head of Ledger’s coin integration, a brilliant engineer, who leads the work on integrating a great number of projects in the Ledger ecosystem.   

Together we’ll be discussing a variety of subjects ranging from DeFi’s user experience, potential of mass adoption and challenges, we’ll also be discussing Ledger’s platformization strategy and how it falls into place with the integration of Paraswap. 

We hope you enjoy this first conversation.

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