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EP - 10

Why is Blockchain the Future of Music? w/ Cooper Turley


Cooper Turley

Aug 10, 2021

How will blockchain technology & NFTs revolutionize the music industry? Why is Web3 the best thing that could ever happen to artists & creators ? Today, we’re taking  a glimpse into the future of music & entertainment.

One of the most fascinating things about blockchain and crypto is how they transcend finance in so many different ways. It seems that every single sector will eventually be disrupted by this technology. Music & entertainment certainly won’t be left aside. 

The music sector faces quite a few challenges. Although the internet allowed for massive scalability and growth, it did so at a price. Artists have limited agency over how they release or monetize their creations, and users are stuck in walled gardens in which they pay for things they can’t own. Between them, big tech companies, who are seemingly reinforcing and benefitting from the status-quo they created. 

But, could there be another way to go? Well… it seems like it! 

First, we have Cooper Turley. Cooper is a web 3 creative mind and front runner. He discovered crypto while doing a music business degree before experimenting with the technology, and is now actively participating in the new creator economy. Contributing to projects such as FWB, PleasrDao, RAC social token, The Defiant but most importantly Audius, where he leads the crypto strategy to create a new decentralized music streaming model, connecting artists directly to fans.    

We’ll be joined by Parker Todd Brooks. Parker was born and raised in the music industry. He held notable positions in companies such as TopSpin Media, Beats Music and Apple Music, where he headed the dance & electronic music artists relations and worked on innovative revenue share models for artists. To further develop his vision, Parker joined Ledger this year as VP NFTs where he’ll focus on bringing Non-fungibles and self custody to benefit the artists communities. 

Quite an inspiring conversation ahead. This is On The Ledger, season 1, episode 10.

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