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EP - 18

NFTs: the Great music reset w/ Agoria


Record producer, composer & DJ

Nov 23, 2021

Born Sébastien Devaud, Agoria is a french electronic music pioneer. His music flows between different genres and locations, from raves, to clubs, radio stations and even space satellites. But he’s also a man of many talents, with eclectic interests in contemporary art, fashion, poetry, AI and most recently crypto-art and NFTs.His unique background and deep attraction to science, art and spirituality come together to form a new phase in Agoria’s artistic evolution.
One that is crystallised in his first fascinating drops on Foundation & Objkt. But what about it? And how will Agoria the crypto artist evolve in the future? Will he DJ b2b with an AI? This is On The Ledger, Season 2, Episode 8.

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