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EP - 3

Wyre: Is an Open & Secure Financial System Possible? w/ Yanni Giannaros


Yanni Giannaros
CEO of Wyre

Jun 29, 2021

What is an API? How does it work? What will fintech look like tomorrow?

On the Ledger explores the potential and the challenges of an open financial system with Yanni Giannaros and Iqbal Gandham.

They answer your not-so-stupid questions about the bridges between the crypto-world and your traditional bank – in other words, the future of financial system made easy.

Yanni is the CEO & co-founder of Wyre, a tech company that provides crypto projects – like Ledger – with the set of tools they need to interact with the legacy financial system. Iqbal is the Global VP Payments & Transactions at Ledger. 

Both of them explain crypto in a way that you’ll be able to echo it back to your friends. So listen, chill and relax. 

This week, we are pleased to be joined by Ioannis Giannaros. Ioannis is a technical entrepreneur and payment guru. He is the cofounder and chief executive officer of Wyre, an avant-garde tech company that provides crypto projects, like Ledger, with the set of tools they need to interact with the legacy financial system.  

We will be joined by Iqbal Gandham. Iqbal is our Global VP for payments and transactions here at Ledger. He’s a fintech pioneer, who led the development of various companies and held notable positions, such as Chief Marketing Officer at Nutmeg or Managing Director at Etoro. Iqbal is also the founding chair of the UK crypto association. 

Together we will explore the potential and challenges of an open financial system that connects blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional finance. A conversation that will most certainly give you a taste of what tomorrow’s fintech will be like. The future is now. And now is also the time for On the Ledger Episode 3, so here we go! 

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