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EP - 5

The Future of Ethereum w/ Vlad Zamfir


Vlad Zamfir
researcher at the Ethereum Foundation

Jul 16, 2021

What does ‘EIP-1559’ mean? What challenges will #ETH face tomorrow? And how might a . . . hairbrush shape its future?

Blockchain is revolutionary. What started as a decentralized peer to peer payment system, has now become a world computer, with thousands of applications disrupting almost every field. One challenge remains, making it scale to onboard the next billion users. Luckily, Ethereum has an answer to that and this is exactly what we’ll be discussing today.

To understand Ethereum for good and explore the future(s) of #Ethereum, we meet with Vlad Zamfir. Vlad, is a leading researcher at the Ethereum foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem. Vocal on CryptoTwitter, he frequently discusses blockchain governance, cryptoeconomics and other blockchain scalability proposals. Vlad is also a prominent contributor to the development of Ethereum’s scalability and its transition to Proof of Stake. 

We’ll be joined by Jérôme de Tychey. Jérôme is the Global Head of Client Success at Ledger, he’s also a blockchain & crypto professor, and the President of Ethereum France, an organization that has the aim to raise awareness to accelerate the adoption of Ethereum and Blockchain in general. 

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