EP - 61

From Record Labels to Metalabels, with Yancey Strickler (Founder @ Metalabel)


Yancey Strickler
Founder of Metalabel

Jan 19, 2023

On the Ledger today, we are glad to receive a man who has changed the content creation industry. Yancey Strickler is one of the crowdfunding pioneers who co-founded Kickstarter 17 years ago, who now turned into a NFT degen in the last months and founded Metalabel, a release club where groups of people who share the same interests collaborate to drop and support work together.

In an one-on-one discussion with our Chief Experience Officer, he discusses inventing the coolest magazine of tomorrow, how on-chain art is and will be changing the music industry and the life of creators (even if a large majority of them still do not want to have anything to do with crypto), how floor price does not reflect the order of magnitude of a piece of art, the importance of carefully choosing who you’re squadding with, and how to resist mediocrity when building your new project.

Oh, and also: what if it’s not about rarity, but about love?

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