EP - 26

How to start your NFT collection? w/ Cabline & JMP


Cabline & Jean-Michel Pailhon
Objkt / Ledger

Feb 01, 2022

This is a question that many have asked themselves in 2021, and that many more will try to find the answer to this year – how do you start your NFT collection? Whether you are emotional, like Cabline, famous NFT curator and collector (with more than 3000 pieces on her collection), or analytical, like Jean-Michel Pailhon, Ledger Chief of Staff and compulsive NFT collector: we’ve got you covered.
How to choose your first piece, why the “buying 2, selling 1” strategy, how to manage your collection, how to secure it and to sleep at night? Mo El-Sayed and our two guests answer all of those questions and many more. Listen to On The Ledger and find out why you should look into Objkt.com, both a marketplace and a future social media platform, and how long it will take for your grandma to finally buy her first NFT.

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