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EP - 52

Ian meets with... Balaji Srinivasan


Balaji Srinivasan
Angel investor, tech founder, and WSJ bestselling author.

Nov 10, 2022

Our guest today has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, founded and sold a genomics company, became an early investor in crypto and then CTO of Coinbase, then a best-selling author with his recently published The Network State. Also, he thinks that blockchain (or, to be more accurate, that cryptographically verifiable information) is the most important human invention since the invention of written history.

On this new episode of On the Ledger, we are thrilled to have one of the most fascinating minds of our times: Balaji Srinivasan. In a slightly longer episode than the usual, in 1 on 1 discussion with our Chief Experience Officier Ian Rogers, you’ll learn about network and nation states, digital and physical borders, Elon Musk becoming the new boss of Twitter, and much, MUCH more.

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