EP - 24

Laurence Fuller, the NFT poet


Laurence Fuller
NFT artist, actor, poet & producer

Jan 18, 2022

Laurence Fuller is an actor, a producer, a writer and a poet. It took him less than two sentences to understand how NFTs would change art for good, and he dove head-first into the non-fungible realms with all of his creativity and talent. Laurence is considered to be the first NFT poet. On this new episode of On The Ledger, we explore the world of an artist who’s been pushing the boundaries of crypto art with his poems and captivating collaborations with some of the best visual artists of the Tezos ecosystem. You’ll learn about the connection between web3 and Caravaggio, why he chose Tezos over Ethereum and what’s next for this new artistic renaissance.

This on The Ledger #24, our poetic episode.

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