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EP - 57

Ledger Op3n through the eyes of Yoon (Ambush)


Yoon Ahn
Co Founder of Ambush

Dec 22, 2022

After starting out in jewelry, Yoon co-founded Ambush with Verbal. She’s behind some of the brand’s most successful collabs over the past few years with Off-White, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Starbucks and… Reese’s. And, guess what – she’s also big in crypto.

Our VP of Communications Ariel Wengroff took advantage of her presence at our bi-yearly event Ledger Op3n to sit with her and discuss how she fell in love with Web3, as well as the need for less “toxic positivity” and more honest criticism in the ecosystem, how the Paris of crypto differs from the Paris of fashion, and why sometimes it’s okay to be niche.

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