EP - 51

Never Been Hacked: Our New Security Update


Matt Johnson & Charles Guillemet
Respectively Chief Information Security Officer & CTO at Ledger

Oct 25, 2022

At Ledger, we deeply care about Web3 security and the values of self sovereignty, so much talent is working day in, day out on developing the best in class security solutions for your digital assets. And the truth is: we haven’t really been talking that much about security here. But that is about to change…

Every month, we’ll take you with us behind the scenes at Ledger, to discuss the most recent developments, dive into the latest scams and hacks and answer your questions to provide you with everything you need to safely navigate this space.

Charles Guillemet, our Chief Technology Officer, and Matt Johnson, our Chief Information Security Officer, will introduce you into our most secret team, the Donjon and how their crypto security experts made the event at the latest Black Hat conference, explain how our Brand Protection team detects, reports and takes down fake accounts, scams and more.

Ready to get safer? This is Never Been Hacked (cause so are our devices), episode 1.

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