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EP - 77

On The Ledger x FWB #2: Sarah Drinkwater from Common Magic


Sarah Drinkwater
General Partnership At Common Magic

Jul 14, 2023

On the second episode of our series in collaboration with FWB, Ian and Zoe talk to Sarah Drinkwater. She just launched an early stage VC fund in the UK called Common Magic where she invests in companies with community at their core. In this conversation they talk about the philosophy behind a community driven investment thesis, the ebb and flow of communities in the DAO space, and the culture that drives it all. They also get into what it means to do a graduate degree in magic, a shift from hierarchical company structures to collective structures, and progressive decentralization. Sarah gives advice on how to be a working mom, how to be a founder in a down market, and reminds us to “seek unusual influences.” At the heart of the conversation is the concept of community and how important it is to surround yourself by good and curious humans. Hopefully, it will leave you excited about the future of Web3 and of community driven companies more broadly.

FWB FEST is a destination gathering of new-internet communities, and a temporary network city for creating culture and exploring new ideas. FWB FEST23 is taking place in Idyllwild, California from August 4–6, 2023. For more FEST info and passes, visit

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