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EP - 81

On The Ledger x FWB #6: Dani Loftus (from Draup)


Dani Loftus

Aug 11, 2023

In this episode of Friends with Benefits‘ crossover with On the Ledger, we talk to Dani Loftus, the CEO and founder of Draup and a true pioneer in the world of digital fashion. We talk about revolutions and behavioral change, the emergence of fashion in the digital identity space, and the emergence of digital fashion in the gaming space before the NFT boom.

She talks about the challenge in merging disparate communities of fashion and gaming. We discuss fashion as identity and how that spans the physical and digital realms, differentiating between collectors and consumers, and how digital art and digital fashion open up opportunities to blur the lines between art, music, and fashion. Finally we talk about the craft involved in digital fashion and generative systems. There are a lot of other things that we touch on and this conversation was a blast. We hope you enjoy!

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