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EP - 46

Snowfro & Artblocks: The Generative Art Evolution


NFT Artist

Jul 20, 2022

Although generative art existed way before Blockchain technology, last year has seen NFTs enable groundbreaking artists and their innovative expressions to gain access to whole new audience groups and monetisation mechanics, beyond the conventional boundaries of the art world. A symbiotic experience between artist, code and collectors.
One cannot talk about generative art without mentioning Art Blocks. Art Blocks is leading a new generation of art through its platform. The project created by Erick Calderon aka Snowfro in early 2021 has generated 100s of millions of dollars and gave birth to collections that you probably already know such as Squiggles, Fidenzas or Ringers who’ve already marked crypto culture and expanded its boundaries.
So today, we are more than thrilled to receive a pioneer, Snowfro, in a discussion with our CXO Ian Rogers on how generative art is different from AI, why ArtBlocks came to life, on how artists in the NFT space have to be willing to give up control of the next 9.999 outputs that will be their bodywork.

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