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EP - 20

StakeDAO: Future of DeFi is now, w/ Julien Bouteloup


Julien Bouteloup
Cofounder of StakeDAO, Curve, Rekt

Dec 14, 2021

Some people said 2020 was the year of DeFi. But the same could be said about 2021. And probably 2022. Julien is a serial DeFi entrepreneur and describes himself as an addict of crazy innovative ideas. If you don’t know Julien, you probably know his projects, Curve, StakeCapital, StakeDAO, REKT, Blackpool and that’s without even mentioning the start-ups he helped launch. So if there’s someone that can tell us something about DeFi it’s probably him. Prepare to dive into the world of gamified finance, play to earn and learn why Julien is proud to still be… alive.

This was podcast was recorded at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), during Ledger Op3n.

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