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EP - 38

The Power Of Memes And Community Building, W/ Farokh (Rug Radio)


Farokh Sarmad
CEO & Founder @ Rug Radio

May 03, 2022

Imagine that you’re in a space where you can create and be rewarded for that. Where you can build a community, and be rewarded for that.

Social media and Web2 have democratized access to community building at scale. And now Web3 and digital assets are supercharging that with the ability to align the financial incentives of each participant. It’s like a facebook group with a shared bank account! The possibilities are endless.

So, today we meet with someone who explore them all. Someone who is only 27 but already “sounds old” as he has done so much in the space. A genius at creating memes, telling stories and building communities, which makes him the perfect “middle child of the web3 world.” Someone who regretted to be too late for crypto in 2014, but enjoyed being early for NFTs in 2021. Today, On the Ledger meets with Farokh Sarmad, the founder and CEO of Rug Radio, “the first fully decentralized media platform.”

Sit back, relax, and learn on how to pick your first NFT, why web3 is a space that makes impossible ideas become possible, how to educate yourself in crypto and how hard it is to see yourself in 15 years when you have no idea where you will be in 15 minutes.

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