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EP - 73

Time for self-empowerment & ownership w/ Champ Medici


Champ Medici
Ledger Pro Team Member

May 02, 2023

Former football player and now renowned businessman and investor in Web3, Cordell Broadus aka Champ Medici has been leading his father, Snoop Dogg’s NFT venture and is now our newest Ledger Pro Team member. We took advantage of his presence at the latest Paris Blockchain Week to get him to stop by our offices for a half-an-hour chat with our very own VP Communications Ariel Wengroff.
Sharing his perspective on why he became interested in blockchain technology and the NFT space, on why he likes ADA so much and how he ended up in Charles Hoskinson’s helicopter, Champ talks about the importance of creativity and custody in the digital world and how it opens up artists and influencers to new possibilities.
Dive into the fascinating mind of a creative thinker putting himself at the forefront of the digital art revolution.

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