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EP - 43

Time, how to record pieces of web3 w/ Keith Grossman (President @ Time)


Keith Grossman
President At Time Magazine

Jun 10, 2022

Relationships between web3 and the press have always been quite complex. Like between two people having a hard time understanding each other. And then came Time Magazine. Within a year and thanks to its already famous TimePieces nfts, Time has become a key player of Web3 space and its adoption. A living proof that old media can evolve.

So today, we are really happy to be talking to someone who has got all in into NFTs – but also got the entire Time group to jump into web3 (and got many “are you crazy ?” kind of questions for doing so), and prepare Time Magazine for the next hundred years: Keith Grossman, president of Time, and mastermind behind the Time Pieces.

Join us for a fascinating conversation (recorded during VeeCon… as you might notice) about how to get started with NFTs whether you’re a person or a widely-known brand (and how to follow up), on new ways to create and share value and on the importance of a good Discord server.

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