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EP - 62

Unlocking digital assets for businesses W/ Gmoney


Ledger Pro Team Member

Apr 25, 2023

Welcome to SZN 2 of the LEDGER Pro

Join Ledger’s CXO Ian Rogers and Gmoney, a renowned cultural thought leader and part of Ledger’s esteemed Pro Team, as they discuss the future of value and digital assets. money brings deep expertise in companies and brands at the intersection of digital assets and fashion, with 15+ years of experience in the traditional finance sector as an investor.
He is widely recognised for his iconic orange beanie CryptoPunk and is listed in Fortune’s NFTy 50 and Vogue’s “Business
100 Innovators” List.

During the interview, lan and money share insights and strategies for unlocking the potential of the internet of value. They discuss the imminent shift where every company on the planet will soon adopt digital assets, from finance to high fashion. money emphasizes the importance of self-custody for brands and enterprises to fully embrace blockchain technology and make the most of digital assets.

Learn from these thought leaders as they discuss the opportunities and challenges of the evolving landscape, and gain valuable insights into the strategies and mindset needed to navigate this new frontier.

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