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EP - 70

“We’re all going to be better in a BTC economy” w/ Tim Draper


Tim Draper
Founder of Draper Associates

Mar 31, 2023

Tim Draper is a man who needs no introduction in crypto. But still: he is a venture capitalist, who investing in a lot of the early Internet companies tech startups, running Draper associates, once host the Meet the Drapers show

He is also a man who foresaw the success of a lot of upcoming start-ups and thought Bitcoin was “bigger than anything he saw before.” A man who thinks that more banks will fail, that you should not wait for the next crash to get yourself into BTC, and that “the safest place to store value is Bitcoin, on a Ledger” (full disclosure: he is also one of our investors).

In this episode, he gives Ian Rogers a glimpse of the future of BTC and of the banking system, he explores scenarios where Bitcoin could not work, explains how to be an entrepreneur in this revolution of value and why you don’t want to be rich with chaos around you.

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