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EP - 68

When Ledger meets ArtBlocks


Erick Calderon/Snowfro, Sofia Garcia, Blockbird, Matt, Jeremy

Mar 21, 2023

How was ArtBlocks founded? Who are the first generative artists who started out there? What did the Auto Glyphs project change for them?

During NFT Paris, in a room full of some of the best generative artists in the world, we recorded this one hour conversation between Ledger VP of Comms Ariel Wengroff and prominent figures in the ArtBlocks community (with Erick Calderon a.k.a. Snowfro, Sofia Garcia from ArtXCode, Glenn a.k.a. BlockBird, Matt a.k.a. Balon_art and Jeremy a.k.a. DeFiStaker), to discuss everything about generative art, from the moment where usual collectors could no longer afford to buy their own art to their “late night scrolling for new art” routine.

Is it okay to come as a flipper if you stay as a collector? How do creators approach pricing? Why is it important to see your digital art in real life and not just on a thumbnail on OpenSea? And yes, you know us, what’s their biggest security fail? This new episode answers all of these questions, and many more.

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