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Even more security.

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Ian Rogers : Morning. No celebrity questions here, as I’m sure you’ve got some very rational ones of your own.     

Wait, you mean I have this futuristic cryptocurrency, and this high-tech device with a secure chip and memory, but the achilles heel is this little piece of paper with 24 words on it?  

What if a flood washes it away or a fire reduces it to ash?!?!

Seriously, What the actual f*ck?

Two extra precautions you can take: 

One, set up a second Ledger device with the same recovery phrase. Now if one gets lost or stolen or ruined in a bizarre boating accident you’ve got a spare that’s just as secure as the first. It’s like having two keys to your future Lambo. 

Option two :

Get one of these fireproof ways to secure your recovery phrase and seal your phrase inside what we call… The cryptosteel capsule! A Cryptosteel capsule can stand 1400° Celsius, 150 millibars of underwater pressure, and massive shocks…. It’s basically unbreakable!

Made by Crypotsteel but available for purchase from Ledger.com, of course.  I really hope this has been informative and helpful.  

I hope you are now appropriately paranoid, but understand how cryptocurrency works well enough to protect yourself.  

Stay vigilant.  Remember, anyone who asks for your PIN or 24 words is a criminal. Straight up!

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