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Bitcoin Core Meaning

Aug 7, 2023 | Updated Aug 7, 2023
Bitcoin Core is the software used to connect to and interact with the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network.

What is Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin Core is the leading and original implementation software for Bitcoin. It’s an open-source software that allows anyone to view, modify, clone, or propose changes. However, this does not imply that the software can be modified anytime by anyone. Instead, the modifications have to be proposed and reviewed by the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin Core powers the nodes participating in the BTC network, enabling them to reach a consensus and impose rules.

So what is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core? Bitcoin Core refers to the software implementation of the Bitcoin protocol. It is the reference implementation that serves as the backbone of the Bitcoin network and allows users to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. On the other hand, Bitcoin refers to the entire network, protocol, and digital currency system itself.

Developed by Satoshi Nakamoto under the moniker “Bitcoin”, in late 2008, it was later renamed to Bitcoin Core to distinguish it from the BTC network. The software has been operational since 2009, and Satoshi maintained the code until late 2010. Since then, bug fixes and software upgrades have been done by a community of developers, called the Core developers. As of August 2023, Bitcoin Core has 909 contributors.

Since it is community-driven, anyone can propose changes that are reviewed, discussed, and rejected or accepted based on the consensus reached. Core maintainers integrate the changes once the community has approved the proposal.

By executing the code, the users get to participate in the BTC network as nodes and earn rewards for their efforts.  

Can You Mine With Bitcoin Core?

The Core wallet featured an inbuilt Bitcoin mining capacity before it was removed in 2016. It enabled anyone with a PC or laptop to solo mine Bitcoin using their machine’s CPU. 

You can no longer mine Bitcoin using Bitcoin Core. It only serves as the software client for interacting with the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, most Bitcoin mining in the blockchain itself is done by mining pools rather than solo miners using expensive hardware.

Unconfirmed Transaction

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