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Bitcoin Maxi Meaning

May 3, 2024 | Updated May 3, 2024
A Bitcoin maximalist is a hardcore Bitcoin advocate who believes that Bitcoin is sound money and trusts in BTC more than fiat or any other asset class.

What Is Bitcoin Maximalist?

Bitcoin maximalism is an idea that Bitcoin is the only valuable cryptocurrency in existence. According to Bitcoin maximalists (Bitcoin Maxis), crypto slang for individuals who hold this belief, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency – or more accurately, currency– that will be needed in the future. The term “Bitcoin maxi” may also define individuals contributing to the advancement of the Bitcoin network.

What’s more, maximalist Bitcoiners hold that other cryptocurrencies are simply altcoins if not shitcoins. This is because other cryptos do not adhere to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator(s). Therefore, they regard Bitcoin as superior to all other digital assets.

For Bitcoin Maxis, there is Bitcoin and then there is crypto, where the term “crypto” is insufficient enough to define Bitcoin’s significance or weight. 

The principles behind Bitcoin Maxi

With its maximum supply capped at 21 million coins, Bitcoin diehards consider it the only cryptocurrency that really matters. And as such, Maxis believe that it will stand the test of time to replace fiat currencies as the mainstream, permissionless payment method and store of value. In short, the philosophy behind the Bitcoin maximalism movement is that Bitcoin is the future of money.

In addition, Bitcoin’s first-mover advantage, market dominance, and robust security performance contribute to its maximalism debate. They also argue that Bitcoin creates a non-state monetary system and free market economy, an escape from centralization. And other cryptocurrencies that emerged after Bitcoin only compete with it by existence without offering long-term benefits without trade-offs.

To explain this, Bitcoin maximalists hold the notion that Bitcoin can achieve everything that other cryptocurrencies or centralized financial alternatives can do.

Relay Chain

The relay chain acts as the central chain of data in the Polkadot network, a protocol that allows interoperability between different blockchain networks.

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Ask Price

An ask price is the lowest amount at which a seller is willing to sell an asset such as a stock, bond, or cryptocurrency.

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A coin is a digital asset that functions as a currency or store of value on its own blockchain network.

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