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Buy The Dip (BTD) Meaning

Sep 14, 2023 | Updated Sep 14, 2023
Buying the dip refers to the practice of buying an asset when the price drops.

What Does ‘Buy The Dip’ Mean in Crypto? 

Buy the dip (BTD) is a phrase that cryptocurrency enthusiasts use to encourage purchases when asset values drop. They typically have a favorable long-term outlook of the market, and see these declines in prices as an opportunity to buy and add more of their favorite assets to their portfolio. For optimistic investors, the drop in value is seen as a short-term phenomenon that will reverse with time.

Some users who use this strategy during price declines also see it as a dollar cost averaging (DCA) strategy. These users already own units of that asset and are looking to buy more at a cheaper price. This allows them to lower the net average purchase price of a cryptocurrency already in their portfolio. The strategy helps minimize some effects from the crypto market’s high volatility.That said, there is no way to predict where the price decline will stop, and so users who buy the dip could see even further price declines. 

Some users buy the dip during pull-backs in a bull market. Once the uptrend continues, they earn their profit. Long-term traders, prefer it during a bear market, when prices are generally much lower across the market. 

The decision to buy the dip is primarily driven by a strong belief in a project’s long-term potential. It is vital to always do your own research (DYOR) before deciding on whether or not to engage in this strategy for any cryptocurrency. 


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