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No-Coiner Meaning

Mar 1, 2024 | Updated Mar 8, 2024
A no-coiner is an individual who believes cryptocurrencies have no significant value and, therefore, holds none.

What Is a No-Coiner?

A no-coiner is a person who believes cryptocurrencies hold little to no real-world value. They firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are doomed to fail. Thus, they do not invest in any cryptocurrency asset.

This term emerged on Twitter in early 2017 as a derogatory term to mock crypto antagonists. Some of these individuals have also embraced it as a badge of honor to signify their unwavering stance against crypto.

To be clear, no-coiner isn’t an insult targeting all individuals without crypto. Instead, the defining characteristic of no-coiners is their negative opinions and attitudes toward this asset class. To put this another way, it is more about their stance on crypto than their investment decisions that categorize them as anti-crypto.

With that said, the term can define individuals who exhibit little to no interest or regard for cryptocurrencies and, therefore, lack cryptocurrency holding in their portfolio. In this regard, it is a lighthearted expression to acknowledge investors whose investment priorities lie outside cryptocurrencies or any digital asset.

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