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How to Get Paid In Crypto: OnJuno Has Arrived!

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— The world of crypto opens up amazing new possibilities but is also full of cumbersome processes that can be hard to find time for.

— But that doesn’t need to be the case – day to day finance and crypto seamlessly come together with a new solution from OnJuno

— OnJuno is the industry-leading fintech service that automatically converts part of your fiat paycheck into crypto each month, doing the hard work for you.

— As a trusted partner of Ledger Live, capable of paying converted crypto directly to your hardware wallet, OnJuno makes it easier and more secure than ever to build out your crypto portfolio. Let’s dive in!

Wondering how to get paid in crypto? Here’s your answer!

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing how we store and manage value, and increasingly, people are looking to crypto as a way to save their earnings.

But the vast majority of employers still do not pay in crypto, which poses a challenge for those who want to consistently interact with the system, or increase their crypto portfolio: the process of buying crypto with your fiat is relatively time-consuming, cumbersome, and requires using a third-party wallet that you don’t control.

So imagine if you could automate this process by instantly converting some of your paychecks each month into crypto – and having it sent directly to your hardware wallet. In this article, we explore how one service is doing just that – and how its partnership with Ledger Live makes the whole process even more secure! Let’s get into it.

Buying Crypto with your Paycheck – a Not So Slick Process

When it comes to managing your monthly paycheck, the story is pretty straightforward. Simply set up an order with your bank to send some of your wages each month to a different account. It’s seamless, it’s easy and you only need to set it up once for both of your accounts to coexist in harmony.

But what about converting that same amount into crypto? This is where the process becomes a bit more complex.

More and more of us are buying crypto regularly with our fiat. Whether it’s as a store of value, to enable us to transact on dApps and DeFi platforms, or simply as a way of ensuring part of our savings is completely uncensorable, there are multiple good reasons why you’d regularly convert some of your cash into blockchain-based assets.

But despite becoming a routine for many of us, this process remains tricky for a number of reasons.


Buying crypto with fiat normally means you have to go through a centralized exchange – this process can be cumbersome because it requires you to do a new transaction for every fiat to crypto conversion you make. There is no way of automating the process of buying in.

Not Completely Secure

And of course there’s the question of security. When you use an exchange, you’ll initially receive your finds in the platform wallet. The problem with that is you don’t control the private key for that wallet. In fact, you never even know them. Instead, you’re relying on the platform giving you access to your wallet each time you log in. What does this mean for you?

It means that the exchange controls your funds, not you. So if the platform is hacked, censored or goes bankrupt, it will take your coins with it. This is why self-custody is always, always the better option for securing your crypto, and moving your coins to your own hardware wallet should be #1 priority. But that too comes with a price.

Fees, Fees, Fees

Using an exchange means moving your crypto around – and moving your crypto around means fees. In this case you’re paying twice.

  • On-ramping at an exchange incurs a transaction fee for you, which you pay to the exchange itself.
  • And that’s not all. When you transfer your crypto from the platform wallet to your own secure wallet, you’ll need to pay transaction fees to the blockchain to have the transaction processed.

In short, if you’re not careful, you might end up spending a good chunk of your newly converted crypto on fees. 

So although crypto brings to the table a load of new possibilities that might leave you keen to grow your wallet, converting your fiat – and doing so consistently – is a process that needs to be improved in a number of ways if it’s to become a comfortable routine.

That’s where OnJuno comes in… 

Get paid in crypto – seamlessly

OnJuno is a fintech company that allows people to get all or part of their paycheck in crypto – including  BTC, ETH and USDC. Its mission is automating the cumbersome process of converting fiat to crypto, enabling users to make this part of their regular routine. So how does it work?

How OnJuno Works for You

Let’s take a closer look at how OnJuno works by using an example.

Let’s you earn $3000 a month. Your employer simply uses your OnJuno bank account to pay you that salary, and from there, a set amount of fiat (determined by you) is automatically converted into crypto by OnJuno (charging 1% fee) each month. 

In effect, OnJuno creates a direct deposit setup (sort of like a payment each month into a savings account) that automatically converts a portion of your paycheck (set by you) into crypto. 

OnJuno Partners with Ledger Live

As a partner of Ledger, OnJuno offers another unique benefit: you can seamlessly send your newly converted crypto paycheck directly to your Ledger wallet. This brings you a number of advantages

  1. Simple, fast and convenient for you

Forget clumsy on-ramping processes with multiple steps – OnJuno streamlines the process of converting fiat to crypto. It receives your pay, converts to crypto and sends the sum to your hardware wallet all in one single process, allowing you to spend your precious time elsewhere.

2. Secure storage, no risks

Ledger’s mantra is pretty simple: an offline key is the only key. Keeping your assets safe means ensuring they are always secured at a blockchain address secured by an offline key.

By instantly sending your crypto to the address protected by your Ledger Nano, OnJuno sidesteps the risks of using an exchange wallet, and keeps your crypto under your control at every step – that’s the way it’s meant to be, right?

3. Transparent fees

Say goodbye to confusing exchange fees every time you buy crypto – OnJuno charges a flat 1% each time it converts your paycheck, meaning you’ll have complete transparency and control over how you’re managing your value.

4. Dollar Cost Averaging – The Smart Approach to Crypto

How you approach crypto will define your experience in the space, and in that sense, OnJuno is  a perfect place to start. 

By allowing you to buy into crypto steadily, over months, OnJuno enables you to mitigate your exposure to crypto price fluctuations, while still enjoying the benefits of the blockchain ecosystem. Check out our article on Dollar Cost Averaging for more on how that benefits you.

Ledger Live – Making Crypto Work for Your Life

Beneath the hype and jargon, crypto is about how you manage your value – and value is about making your life easier, whether that means saving for the future or being able to benefit from a new ecosystem.

With each new bridge to the world of fiat, crypto has more utility for our real-world life – and Ledger is here to bring you the best tools in the safest environment, as they emerge. 

So keep on learning and stay up to date on how to make crypto work for you, in the safest environment – we have you covered!

Knowledge is power.

What is money anyway? This one question simple is at the heart of crypto – and the answer might surprise you. Ready to have your mind blown? Cool – let’s do it School of Block!

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