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What is Wilder World?

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digital art of people standing in front of a door way with art coming out of it
— Wilder World is the 5D photorealistic metaverse, designed by a collective of digital artists, that promises to be the most visually stunning metaverse experience to date

— The Wilder World metaverse is governed by its native WILD token, which serves both governance utility and powers the platform’s underlying NFT marketplace

— Wilder World sits at the crossroads of art, fashion and technology; its partnerships with leading digital creatives, as well as native metaverse ready footwear, cars and pets, cement its position as cultural front runner in the space

— Ledger will be present in Wilder World’s flagship city Wiami, with our Ledger Loft security hub, where the Wilder Nation community can access advice and gamified security learnings.

Wilder world is the visually thrilling new metaverse rocking the Web3 boat – here, we explain.

“We have been quietly assembling the greatest 3D artists of our time.”

…OK, we’re listening.

Wilder World is the photo-realistic new Metaverse and NFT marketplace guided by its own artist guild, where 

The brainchild of acclaimed designer Frank Wilder – who you might know by his other title, the Banksy of Blockchain – Wilder World is an immersive art gallery where everything is for sale. The project has also been busy rolling out its own custom designed NFT collections, made in collaboration with some of the biggest artists in both the real and digital space, including Pet Liger, Chad Knight, J. Pierce, Wolftech and more.

Sounds interesting? Yeah, we thought so too. Let’s take a look at Wilder World, it’s origin story and the unique offerings the project has in-store in the not-so-distant future. Let’s start with a look at the creator.

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Who is Frank Wilder?

Frank Wilder is the enigmatic artist who made his name as a real-world sculptor and jewelry designer. His famous “totem” jewelry collection – designed digitally and rendered using a 3D printer – was an instant hit with names like Justin Beiber, Kevin Durant and Alicia Keys all putting Wilder on the map.

The artist’s latest project, Wilder World, was conceived from the ashes of the pandemic – with social and creative norms evolving, Wilder was acutely aware that the days of appreciating art in person were numbered. Virtual became the new “real” and Wilder World metaverse has emerged to answer the call for a new generation of digital art aficionados.

The Wilder World Universe

Wiami: Miami’s Ultra-Tech Counterpart

Wilder World will begin with its first city, Wiami, a to-scale, digital replica of Miami, which is built to be the main residence to many zSpace citizens in the platform’s early stages. What Silicon Valley is to tech, Wiami is promising to be to Metaverse projects.

And the virtual town brings all the buzz of its IRL counterpart, with big names already signing up to be a part of the entertainment bill in the Magic City – Jake Paul will be one of the first to headline, with his upcoming boxing matches to feature within the platform.

Wilder World’s State of the Art Technology

Wilder World’s emphasis is firmly on incredible aesthetics, and if you’re wondering how it’s achieving that, you have Unreal Engine to thank. Unreal Engine is an industry leading set of tools for designers looking to bring the highest level of realism and immersiveness to their experiences, and was enlisted by the Wilder World project to bring the project’s 5D vision to life.

The platform will also be interoperable, meaning it can be used with NFTs from projects across the ecosystem, giving users complete freedom to access both the game and its marketplace with their existing assets.

Wilder World’s NFT Verticals

With its focus squarely on design, and the Artist Guild driving the project forward, Wilder World has naturally been busy creating its own visually sumptuous NFT collections for users seeking something more than an in-game asset. Let’s check those out. 


Fashion NFTs are on the rise, but not all of them are avatar ready – that wasn’t going to cut it in Wilder World.

AIR WILD Kicks are the first collection in Wilder World’s line of ready to wear NFT sneakers. Launched in September 2021, the collection was an artistic collaboration between Wilder World’s own head of Cyberwear (the job title itself tells you this is a special project) Chad Knight, and one of the most promising digital designers from its guild, Pet Liger

A former pro skateboarder turned digital artist, Knight most recently served as Head of 3D for Nike, before accepting the call to head up digital fashion for Wilder World.

AIR WILD: Season One cement Knight’s place as one of the defining creative voices in the space, combining fantasy with stunning design to produce cutting edge digital fashion. In fact, with no constraints in terms of cost, materials or gravity – these sneakers might even be cooler than their physical counterparts. Each sneaker is a 1/1 design and comes ready for wear on whichever avatar you’re using, meaning you can step into elite circles from the moment of purchase.


“The future we always wanted but never achieved in real life.”

Imagine hovering above an outdoor concert with your friends, exploring fantasy islands for the very first time with a birdseye view, or cruising from club to club in a totally unique and exquisitely designed vehicle that defies the laws of gravity.

If that all sounds exhilarating, then you might want to check out WILDER.CRAFT and WILDER WHEELS – the exclusive collection of quantum crafts that cut through the skies of Wilder World to let you explore its new dimensions.


And of course, no Metaverse would be complete without a totally unique, tricked out abode to call your own. Wilder Cribs – another key vertical for the core Wilder World projects – takes virtual housing up a notch (or ten), offering users design options like parquet flooring, Ziarat marble, porcelain, oak and steel to personalize their pad.

The first release of Cribs comes in the form of The Qube – Miami’s first building – which has been split into dozens of different NFT houses, all of which have a unique asset class according to features like layout, floor number and building materials, like traditional property. And all these options can be fractionalised, mimicking IRL real estate and giving a wider audience the chance to be part of the project.

A Unique Model

WILD TOKEN and its Liquid NFT Marketplace

A central theme of the project is that it functions equally as an experiential platform, an NFT marketplace and as its own economy: WILD tokens are the fuel that keeps the platform running, and also give users a stake in the future of the project. WILD token holders can mint and trade NFTs within the platform itself, and with the protocol enabling fractionalised NFT ownership, the marketplace offers an agile, inclusive and extremely liquid marketplace.

Not only can anyone with a network join and become a part of the platform, but those who are part of the platform are intricately involved. It’s not owned by a central company building it up: the core of Wilder World is decentralized, and where it goes is dictated democratically – and artistically – by its globally dispersed Wilder.Guild.

Ledger Loft – Your Gamified Wiami Security Hub

Digital assets lie at the very heart of your experience with Wilder World’s incredible platform, so knowing how to secure your assets should be the very foundation of that journey. But ironically learning about security often means taking time away from the gaming and interactive experiences that make Web3 so thrilling.

We get it. That’s why Ledger Loft will be taking up permenant residence in central Wiami, functioning as a security hub where you can bone up on your Web3 security knowledge via gamified learning and interactive experiences – and you’ll even get rewards for doing it.

The metaverse is about gaming and creativity, and security shouldn’t be an exception to that. So prepare to learn, compete, collect and get rewarded… prepare to Get Ledgered.

See You Soon Wilder Community

Wilder World is poised to raise the bar for Web3 experiences, bringing new frontiers of realism, gaming, utility and visuals to bear, within the most liquid NFT marketplace currently in existence.

Whether you’re a gamer, a car afficionado, interior design junky or a fashion dilletante, you’ll find a creative outlet within the Wilder World platform. And since it’s designed for interoperability, anyone can get onboard and start experiencing all of it via their existing NFTs.

So keep your eyes peeled for some incredible things, stay safe and get ready for something truly spectacular – and don’t forget, Ledger will right be there to help you stay safe. To gain knowledge about different metaverse platforms, you can explore Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse and Decentraland.

Knowledge is Power.

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