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EP - 71

Enter The Ledger NFT collection with OSF



Apr 04, 2023

If you think about it, the internet has decentralized how culture is formed, anyone with a phone could create art or tell a story and reach millions of people around the world with a click of a button. Web3 enhances that even further, with blockchain technology not only can artists share their creations they can now own and monetize them as well as build and tokenize communities around their art. A true shift in paradigm.

And there’s only very few artists out there who are able to capture Web3’s cultural zeitgeist. Today we’re excited to have one of them on the show, Ovie Faruq aka OSF. Ovie is a skilled trader for 10 years, who bought his first BTC in 2021, and turned into a renown NFT artist since then (reminder: we’re only in 2023), who we are very happy to welcome in the Ledger NFT Collection.

How to make digital art people can relate to? How to manage your IP and why go for CC0 licenses? For this new episode of On the Ledger, we are happy to dive into his story, art and inspiration as well as explore Ledger’s recent acquisition of thirteen of his artworks with the one and only Ariel Wengroff, Ledger’s VP of Comms.

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