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What does Ledger know about you?

Watch 1 min

Robin Schmidt : “I’ve got a Nano with a PIN, Ledger Live with the 24-word Ledger phrase. I’m Ledgered out. What does Ledger know about me? ”

At Ledger, customer trust is more valuable to us than customer data. 
We don’t know ANYTHING about you and your crypto, and we don’t want to.

Because you actually DON’T log into Ledger, and DON’T even need to have an account, we have no idea what crypto you own, or what you buy or sell.  

And that’s good.

We don’t even store your pin or your 24 word phrase, because we don’t even KNOW IT.
So, no worries.

But if you want to be extra extra cautious, you can get your Ledger delivered to you to an anonymous P.O. box. Or open an email address to set it up, then close it.  

And if you’re still sweating, keep on watching. I’m off!

See ya !

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