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Why Ledger Live ?

Watch 2 min

Mike D : Ian Rogers, I got my Ledger Wallet. I trust you, I know the things that I do know in life. But what I don’t know is : how do I buy crypto? What am I looking for?

Mike, your Ledger is your key, and like Clipse said, 

Now you can buy crypto and a whole lot more with Ledger Live..  

Ledger Live turns your Ledger device into your secure gateway to the entire world of digital assets including buying and exchanging cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi, and more. 

With Ledger Live you simply touch the two buttons, and…

…You can buy or sell… and, in a first for the industry, exchange one crypto for another, all without leaving the security of your Ledger… Lend, stake, and earn yield on your assets…

Access the world of Defi and NFTs, SECURELY, from within Ledger Live instead of INSECURELY via your Web browser.

With your Ledger you hold your coins, securely. 
With Ledger Live, you get secure access to the entire world of Digital Assets, knowing that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU SIGN, with a huge array of services.

My recovery phrase?  Excuse me, officers?  This man is asking for my recovery phrase, which means he is a criminal.  Ledger will NEVER ask for your pin code or recovery phrase.

Next, we tell you how to keep your secrets safe and avoid getting jacked.

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