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All Time Low (ATL) Meaning

Apr 23, 2023 | Updated Mar 18, 2024
All-time low (ATL) refers to the lowest price a digital asset has ever reached in its entire trading history.

What is All-Time Low in Crypto?

All-time low, is the lowest price a digital asset has ever traded in. To determine the ATL of a digital asset, one would need to look at the asset’s entire trading history and identify the point at which its price was at its lowest.

It is the complete opposite of an all-time high (ATH), when the digital asset has peaked or hit the highest price in its entire trading history.

What Does It Indicate?

When a cryptocurrency is trading at an ATL, it is generally seen as being on a bearish trajectory. It can be caused by various factors, such as negative media coverage, macroeconomic conditions, or industry instability, amongst other factors.

The ATL level of an asset is commonly used to assess its potential for future growth. Despite its frequent use as a benchmark, it cannot be guaranteed that an asset will never reach its ATL level again in the future.

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