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Jun 4, 2024 | Updated Jun 4, 2024
A mempool space is a software application that queries the Bitcoin blockchain and displays essential information about the current state of the mempool.

What Is Mempool Space: Bitcoin Block Explorer? is a software application or website used to explore or visualize data about the Bitcoin ecosystem. This data includes unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions, address history, transaction status, and transaction fee rate estimates. Ideally, it denotes both a mempool explorer and a Bitcoin block explorer.

A mempool or “memory pool” typically refers to the temporary storage space or waiting area for all pending or unconfirmed transactions. Thus, as a mempool explorer, showcases a mempool’s current state and its unconfirmed transactions. And, as a Bitcoin block (blockchain) explorer, allows users to query the Bitcoin blockchain or browse through Bitcoin transactions. 

Technically speaking, the mempool explorer displays the estimated fee rates necessary for achieving specific confirmation times. Additionally, the explorer provides users with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) on pending transactions. It also shows the total data size as well as the mempool’s Bitcoin volume.

How To Use

As a block explorer and mempool explorer, the website encompasses statistics such as confirmed and unconfirmed blocks, transaction fees, difficulty adjustment, recent replacements, and latest transactions (unconfirmed). These statistics help users customize their fee rates to incentivize miners to include their transactions in the next block. It also allows them to view the status of their transactions after submitting them. 

For instance, the dynamics of the unconfirmed blocks, such as block confirmation times and fee rates, allow users to determine when to submit new transactions. This is because miners often reprioritize transactions over others based on the fees they stand to gain. In some cases, they consider the transaction’s size and age.

The explorer also displays the upcoming transactions – an influx of unconfirmed transactions entering the mempool. This data enables users to determine the fee rate that would get their transactions processed in the next block ahead of the existing ones. 

In addition, before submitting a transaction, you can use the explorer to view the transactions being dropped from the mempool based on “Memory Usage” and “Purging” metrics. For context, the mempool purges uncompetitive transactions to free up block space when the mempool storage is full.

Moreover, users can utilize the website’s search feature to find a specific address, transaction, or block in the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Staking refers to when a blockchain user locks up their cryptocurrency to secure the network and earn rewards.

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Hedging is a risk management strategy that involves simultaneous entering opposing positions in an asset to offset potential losses.

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