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How to Set Up Your Nano S Plus?

Watch 4 min

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to configure your Ledger Nano S Plus, and how to backup your 24 words recovery phrase. Each step is vital to guarantee you can use your wallet safely. Learn more about the Ledger Nano S Plus here:


Hi there! Today we’re going to show you how to set up your Nano S Plus. But first, if you haven’t done so already, let’s get the Ledger Live app onto your computer. Just pause the video here and go to the address you see on your screen to download and install it. Once it’s installed, open the app, and click “Get Started”. Read and accept the Terms of Use, then click “Enter Ledger app” Select Nano S Plus. And then click the top option for a new setup. Have a look through the four educational slides. Then click “Let’s Do This”. Take one last look around to make sure you’re alone, then click “OK, I’m ready! Read and click through the reminder. Then when you get to this screen, connect your Nano to the computer using the cable from the Nano box. Once it powers up, use the top buttons to scroll through the navigation instructions.” Click the right button until you see “Set up as new device”, press both buttons at the same time to select it, and you’ll see it’s time to set a PIN code.


Press both buttons to confirm… then you’ll see “Enter PIN” on the device. Use the buttons to find your desired digit, then confirm by pressing both buttons. Repeat that process until you’ve set your PIN code, keeping in mind you don’t have to use all 8 digits – 4 or more is all you need. Once you’ve chosen your PIN code, press both buttons to finish.” You’ll see “Confirm PIN” on your device. Enter the complete PIN one more time then press both buttons to confirm.


Your screen will now say “Write down your recovery phrase”. Now, as I cover this part, don’t worry about pausing along the way. Just keep watching until I explain how to confirm your phrase, then I’ll give you a chance to pause and catch up. By the way, this is the most important part of the setup. The whole advantage of a hardware wallet is that it stores your keys offline. Using apps, screenshots, or password managers to store this phrase totally defeats the purpose, so please avoid them.” Just use one of the recovery sheets in your Nano box or a personal notebook, and store it in a safe place. Ok, when you’re ready… Scroll right, read the disclaimers as you go, then press both buttons to continue to your recovery phrase. Write each word next to the correct number on the Recovery Sheet. Or if you’re using a personal notebook, make sure you write the number next to the word. After the last word you can either scroll back through and check your words or press both buttons to continue. Whichever you decide to do… After you press both buttons, your device will show “Confirm your recovery phrase”. Go ahead and press both buttons to do that. Now you’ll verify each word in order. Starting with Word 1, use the buttons to scroll until the correct word is shown, then press both buttons to confirm. And you’ll repeat that process for every word.

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