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What is Zerion?

Read 5 min
Coins spiraling in a circle
— “DeFi is simple,” said no one ever. Because it’s not. It offers benefits that make you drool, but its complexity makes you grab your money and run away.

— So many DEXs, so many protocols, so many places to go, and so much stress to manage your assets. Makes DeFi a nightmare! Not anymore. Zerion offers a one-stop solution to invest and manage your assets across more than 60 DeFi protocols.

— Zerion’s minimalistic and elegant user interface combined with its non-custodial approach makes it suitable for beginner and professional DeFi investors to efficiently manage their portfolios.

— In this article, we’ll tell you how Zerion can help you save hours of effort, a lot of stress, and the numerous poor investment decisions you may make when stressed out.

Interested in DeFi but disinterested in complexity? We’ve got you covered, learn What is Zerion and navigate through DeFi like a pro. 

We absolutely adore how interfaces of online applications have become so seamless and refined over time. You know, the “one-click, job-done” type UI. Unfortunately, most DeFi applications are far from offering anything like that, which could intimidate most newcomers. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Zerion is a decentralized finance platform designed for the modern-day internet users who hate complex interfaces and don’t necessarily have a rocket science degree… that’s most of us.

DeFi — From stodgy to sexy with Zerion

What we explained above are the issues most beginners face when starting to DeFi. Delve further, and the challenges will only grow bigger for you. When you somehow manage to understand the intricacies of one DeFi protocol, you may have to switch to others or explore new use cases. Then, you will have to individually track all your assets across all the protocols you use. And the list goes on. 

To put an end to all these issues, there’s Zerion. Which offers you an easily navigable DeFi dashboard to build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio.

The platform designers have taken a very minimalistic and Web2-like design approach to offer you an interface like those you’re already familiar with. The whole point of the platform is to make sure you never feel that you stepped on alien land when you start in DeFi. 

Further, when you plan to expand your DeFi portfolio, you won’t have to worry about using multiple platforms. As Zerion is connected to more DeFi protocols than most individuals would use at once, there’s no need to switch between platforms either. 

Let’s now see how the Zerion Wallet App makes it simple for you to build and manage your DeFi portfolio across multiple DeFi protocols.

Advantages that make Zerion the OG of DeFi dashboards

Maximum features and minimalistic UI

We’re fans of sleek and minimalistic user interfaces where it’s easy to find anything and everything we need in one glance. And Zerion takes minimalism to the next level.

Using a single window, you can view your overall DeFi investments ranging from staked and lent tokens to your wallet balance. On Zerion, you can choose any of the 60+ supported DeFi protocols to buy new assets, stake, lend, or borrow tokens, create a new vault, and do so much more. The dashboard also helps you track your overall portfolio performance so you do not have to do any math.

If you don’t own any cryptos yet, you can buy Ether (ETH) on Zerion using your credit/debit card or by making a bank transfer. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, the platform can be a good fit for you if you love DeFi.

The best part about this is all these features fit within this simple and elegant-looking window:

Decentralized to the core

It won’t be a surprise if you’re thinking right now that Zerion is a centralized platform that requires you to store your cryptos with them. Its design may make you think that. But the truth is far from it. 

Although it’s made like a Web2 platform, Zerion is a management application that doesn’t excuse its users’ security. It’s the one platform that keeps the “De” of DeFi and the “non” of non-custodial intact. Instead of transferring funds to Zerion, you can start exploring DeFi protocols by simply connecting your favorite non-custodial crypto wallet to the platform.

This means while you’re investing and tracking your assets through Zerion, your private key remains with you and so does the ability to control your funds.

Rate comparison

Whether you want to stake, lend, or swap tokens, there are different interest rates and different prices across all DeFi platforms. Now, it would be a cumbersome process to manually go to these platforms and compare the rates.

When you do this through Zerion, you get all the rates in one place. So, suppose you want to swap your ETH for DAI. You can go to “Exchange” and input the amount of ETH you want to swap. Zerion will then display the fee you’ll be paying for the transaction and the amount of DAI you’ll get in return.  

If you click on “Zerion” displayed adjacent to the “Offered by” section, a pop-up will show you the different fees and exchange rates across the platforms supported on Zerion. You can choose the one that you find the most profitable and execute your trade. You can also edit the price slippage and network fee that you’re willing to pay.

Similarly, you can also compare the rates for lending, borrowing, or staking assets.

Categorized investment options

To make it easy for you to spot the most suitable opportunities in DeFi, Zerion has categorized the assets under different sections.

When you go to “Invest” on Zerion, you’ll see four options on the top as shown in the image below:

As you scroll further, you will find some of the most popular DeFi indexes alongside crypto assets categorized according to the different sectors within DeFi.

Use Zerion with Ledger

While Zerion provides an easy gateway to a wide range of DeFi applications, the safety of your assets still rely on the crypto wallet you use.

Speaking of that, we integrated Zerion in Ledger Live to provide you with the most convenient way to explore DeFi from within the security of your Ledger device: 

  • Security: Ledger keeps your private keys offline at all times, securing them against potential hacks and thefts.
  • Control & ownership: You are the only person who has access to your private keys on a Ledger hardware wallet. So, you have full control and ownership of your assets. Even when you transact using Zerion, you will have to physically approve the transactions on your device.
  • Convenience: Every transaction is directly sent to your wallet so you do not have to set up anything with an exchange or protocol.
  • All in one place: If you want to swap your coins, stake, lend, sell them for fiat or buy more coins, you can do it all from within the safety of your Ledger device. Ledger offers a full-fledged system for all your crypto needs.

Make DeFi easy

It’s easy to find yourself neck-deep in complexities when you start in DeFi. Don’t let that intimidate you. You’ve got all the tools you need, what’s important is that you start by learning the approach.

Knowledge is power

Disclaimer: Exchange, lend, and other crypto transaction services are provided by third-party partners. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations on use of these third-party services.

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