Discover Ledger’s Ecosystem

Beginner Jan 14, 2021 · 3 min read

Discover Ledger Ecosystem

Discover Ledger’s ecosystem to start with. We’ll tell you what we stand for and why it is important for you. In other words, this first step is about how our ecosystem allows you to be in charge of your money.

Join us on the secure side of crypto

For the record, crypto is about giving power back to the people. By decentralizing the traditional financial system, crypto puts people back at the center, so that they remain the only ones in charge of their money. However, some crypto management solutions trade decentralization for convenience and accessibility, like crypto exchanges, software or online wallets.

While offering ease of use in crypto transactions and management, those solutions act as new intermediaries. But, trusted third parties have security flaws. Therefore, by using them, you lose ownership over your crypto assets, put your crypto at greater risk and end up with limited freedom. Such a heavy bill to pay, right?

The challenge for crypto management solutions is to provide ease of use while ensuring ownership and security. That’s where we come in. At Ledger, we put security and freedom first. Because we believe you should remain the only one in charge of your money.

Ledger’s ecosystem: your tools for financial freedom

To start your crypto journey in the best conditions possible, we created an ecosystem of products and services that enables you to easily secure and manage your crypto. Ledger hardware wallets combined with the Ledger Live application are the best solution to securing your funds while giving you the freedom to manage everything on your own terms.

Conceptually speaking, Ledger hardware wallets combined with the Ledger Live app are like iPhones and the App store: on one side there is a device that allows you to store your assets, and on the other side is the software that helps you manage them. Simple, right?

Ledger Ecosystem

The Ledger Live software automatically comes with every Nano wallet purchased. They are like two sides of the same coin. For instance, for each action you want to operate, such as a transaction, you need both Ledger Live, as well as your Nano wallet to verify and confirm the same transaction, it is similar to 2FA mechanisms.

Want to know more? Check our next articles focusing on the endless possibilities offered by this ecosystem. You will not be disappointed.

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