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Scams, and more scams.


Terry Crews : “Hey Ian, I just got hit by someone on Discord claiming to work at Ledger and asking for my 24 words so they could send me an airdrop.  This is bullshit, right?

My friend, you are wise.  This is total bullshit.  I’ll say it again: ANYONE asking for your 24 words is a criminal.  Period.  

When there is value, there are scams. From the Ponzi scheme to people pretending to sell the Brooklyn Bridge, scams are nothing new.  But the digital world takes scams to a completely new level.  

Say this out loud: “This year is the worst year ever for cybercrime.”  I predict you will be able to say that every year for the rest of your life, and be correct.  

Hackers can’t get the value out of your Ledger device. So : So, they will try to hack YOU instead. How can you protect yourself? First, keep your recovery phrase somewhere secure.

Beware of phishing emails from people pretending to be Ledger. Look out for fake Ledger apps. Be suspicious of people and groups on social media — often they SAY they are “official support channels”, but they are scammers pretending to be. There are fake Websites with slight misspellings and even scams where they send a “new device” to your house trying to harvest your 24 words!

Ignore anyone or anything which is asking for your pin code or 24 words.  They’re after your Crypto. When you receive an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Ledger will NEVER contact you in this way. If you THINK you are talking to someone at Ledger, be cautious. Assume you are not.  This might sound like paranoia, but it could damn well save you all your crypto.

OK then, what does Ledger know or want from you?  That’s the subject of our next video…

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