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How to gift a Ledger to a Web3 Friend

Read 5 min
Ledger devices on a podium
— Hardware wallets are an essential part of crypto security

Crypto communities foster strong bonds between their members, as well as between project leaders and their community.

IRL gifts and prizes are becoming commonplace in Web3 communities, and as the baseline for crypto security, a Ledger Nano is the ultimate gift. But how can you send one without asking for personal details? No doxing here, thanks!

— Luckily, we have a solution for the Web3 age! Amazon gift cards enable anyone to gift a device to a digital friend, without any personal data at all.

Web3 is upon us, frens! And it’s changing the way we interact. Here’s your guide to Web3 gifting – and why a Ledger Nano makes the perfect present.

You might think Web3 is all about technology, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Community is firmly at the heart of this evolution and if you’re busy exploring the Web3 environment, you’re probably already engaging with at least one community yourself – whether you’re part of an NFT community, an active member of a DAO, or using your governance tokens to steer the future of a DeFi project, you’ll no doubt find yourself building relationships with other token holders across the globe as you collectively strive to help your project succeed.

Binding all of these relationships together is digital ownership. Having a stake in a community is what keeps us all coming back, right? So the way you manage that stake will impact the web3 experience, no matter what community you’re part of.

A hardware wallet – the only truly safe way to secure your digital assets – makes the ultimate gift for a web3 friend or community member. But how can you send one without asking for sensitive personal data? 

Here, we’ll walk you through the process of gifting a Ledger to a web3 friend – without needing to dox them.

Let’s go!

Quick refresh: Why is a Ledger so essential for crypto security?

Ledger devices offer unparalleled safety for managing your crypto, because they recognize one fundamental thing – that the principal threats to your crypto security exist online. Ledger’s central premise is making sure your sensitive data stays offline at all times, so your assets, whether they’re coins, tokens or NFTs, stay secure. Let’s take a look at the key elements of that:

True ownership: Private keys are the defining feature of your crypto ownership. The Ledger Nano is non-custodial and gives you unfettered ownership of your assets: the private keys are generated by the device and controlled exclusively by you, and nobody else.

Private key security: Unlike hot wallets, store your private keys on a connected interface, the Ledger keeps them offline, even when you’re transacting. This means you’re never vulnerable to online threats, and nobody will ever see your private keys. 

Seed phrase security: Your seed phrase is the other central vector in your crypto ownership, and needs to be protected. With Ledger your seed phrase is generated on the device itself, not on a connected computer or phone, where it could potentially be vulnerable to hacks and spyware.

In short, Ledger devices insulate your private keys and seed phrase from the internet while still enabling you to transact – this is what makes them an essential part of your Web3 security set-up.

We get it – you want to give one as a gift – but you’re wondering how to do that without exchanging personal data right? We’ve got you covered – let’s get into it!

How to gift a Ledger to a Stranger

When you think of gift cards, what springs to mind? If you just found yourself transported back to childhood, figuring out how many sweets you could buy with your birthday money, don’t worry you’re not alone. 

But the humble gift card has had a Web3 makeover – and is now your best bet for data-free gifting within communities. Amazon gift cards are a prime example. 

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase any item on its website… and luckily, Ledger is stocked on Amazon

There is no way of seeing who redeemed an Amazon gift card, even if you were the sender, and conversely, if you’re lucky enough to receive a gift card yourself, there’s no way for you to see who sent it either. So the beauty of this is that both parties are completely anonymous, despite the IRL transaction happening between them – pretty cool, right?

So with this in mind, let’s do a walk-through of how Amazon gift cards are the perfect vehicle for gifting a Ledger with no personal data.

Gift a Ledger without Doxing your Web3 friend – Your Step by Step guide

Ready to understand this process for yourself? Perfect, let’s get into it.

  1. Find the value of the device you want to gift. 
  2. Go to the Amazon website and find the “Gift Cards” section. This can be found on the menu bar at the top of the page, or by scrolling down the page until you see it.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on the “Gift Cards” link, you will be taken to a new page. On this page, you’ll see a variety of gift card options. Here you choose to send an e-gift card; a digital version of the gift card that you can send via email, text or any other digital messaging platform.
  4. Complete the purchase by following the instructions on Amazon.
  5. Send the gift card code to the recipient via private message on the social media platform your community is engaged on.
  6. The recipient then goes to Amazon and Taps on “Redeem a Gift Card”.
  7. They enter the gift card number you sent to them and tap on “Redeem”.
  8. The gift card amount will be credited to their account and will be applied to their next purchase. They cannot see you, and you cannot see them.

There you have it – a seamless gift you can send to your web3 buddy without knowing where he sleeps at night!

The Gift of Security

Ledger devices are the security baseline for crypto, no matter what community you’re part of. When creators are free to pass on their wisdom, we can ensure a better and safer experience for everyone. 

Ledger devices not only enable you to manage your own security and privacy, they also help communities to thrive by keeping individual members safe, engaged, and confident about this ecosystem. So by gifting a Ledger to your friend, the whole community will benefit over time.

By taking care of the security elements of blockchain, Ledger leaves users and creators free to do what they do best – make this incredible system flourish. LFG!

Knowledge is power.

In the internet of value, protecting your assets is your #1 priority! But luckily, School of Block is here to get you up to speed. Get involved!

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