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The Top 5 Blockchain Games You Can Explore

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— There are people among us who live and breathe video games and yet, they have little control over their favorite games.

— Blockchain is here to change that. Blockchain games are games that utilize blockchain technology in the background to offer a more immersive gaming experience.

— With Blockchain, gamers have a sense of freedom within the games and get true ownership of in-game assets they buy. What’s even more interesting is monetization using crypto tokens allows gamers to trade their game assets for real money.

— In this article, we outline the concept of blockchain games and explore some of the most engaging and popular blockchain games that you can play.

If gaming is your thing then blockchain is a dream come true. Let’s take a deep dive into the latest blockchain offerings for gamers.

Jumping out of the chair, being so shocked as if a lightning bolt struck you, eyes so wide open that your eyeballs almost fall out… these are all things we’ve experienced while playing our favorite games. The most extreme gamers have even broken their computer and TV screens or ripped off the wire of their game controllers when they lost a mission.

Surely, if you’re a true gamer, you feel the game in your veins. And yet, how much do you get in return from a game you love so much and give more time than you do to your partner (shh we won’t tell anyone)? Nothing really. Why? Let’s have a look.

The Plight of Gamers and the Gaming Industry

Even with the gaming industry’s revenue surpassing that of the film and sports industry combined, the average gamers get zero real-life profit from just playing the games. Every string of the game lies in the developers’ hands.

Just ask yourself, how much money have you spent on premium plans of PUBG or Fortnite skins or Fifa packs? Did you ever get rewarded with something you could use in real life? Of course, you have a better gaming experience after paying for exclusive items, but should that be it?

Most games you play today generate a majority of their revenue from in-game purchases of skins, characters, and other items. However, these games do not offer true ownership of these assets to you. You cannot even prove that you own an asset, let alone trading the assets outside of the game for real money. The entire economics of a game is centered around the developers of the games, not the players.

That’s what blockchain games can change. They can take the users and put them at the center of the gaming industry’s economy. They can uplift the true spirit of gaming and offer real benefits to each and every gamer. But what exactly are blockchain games, and how are they different from the traditional games we play?

Blockchain Games: That New Cool Kid in Town

Bored of the traditional concept, seekers of change set out on a journey to redefine gaming. Developers are now creating games using blockchain technology at their core to put you, the gamer, at the center of video games.

Blockchain games may seem like an entirely new gaming concept, but they are not. They simply refer to games that utilize blockchain technology in the background to offer you a more immersive gaming experience.

These games use blockchain to power the in-game economy. Every purchase you make of an in-game item is registered on a public blockchain, be it a general item or a unique item (in the form of a non-fungible token).

This means your ownership is recorded publicly, and you can prove it at any time. Besides, these assets hold real value across digital asset marketplaces, and you can trade them with other players for real money. The idea of selling your in-game items for real money sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Suppose you own a Fortnite skin that was issued to only 100 players worldwide. As it stands now, that skin has no real-life value. But if this were a blockchain game, the uniqueness or rarity of your Fortnite skin would’ve given it an immense monetary value. If you wanted, you could’ve also traded that skin on a suitable digital asset marketplace for real money.

Even the codes of the blockchain games’ are often open source, meaning that developers from all over the world can collaborate and code games together. Blockchain games make it possible to develop world-class games without the need for a central entity to control anything.

Now that we know the basics of blockchain games, let’s explore some of the most exciting of these games that you can explore.

Blockchain Games Making It Big


Football and football players arguably have the most dedicated fans throughout the world. And Sorare is a game based on the Ethereum blockchain that leverages this true dedication.

The game offers players an opportunity to NFT football cards and build teams of their favorite players to compete in tournaments. The beauty of this, however, lies in the fact that players who win get rewarded real money. The game has so far partnered with over 126 football teams worldwide


Upland is another extremely popular blockchain game that offers the earth’s Metaverse for users to buy, own, and sell virtual properties linked to real-world addresses. The game has mapped out the cities of San Franciso and New York, and it allows you to buy virtual properties up for sale in these cities.

Each property you buy using the native token of the platform, UPX, will generate you a passive income in the form of newly minted UPX tokens. And wait, that’s not just in-game money we’re talking about. You can easily transfer or sell the UPX tokens you earn for other cryptocurrencies. So, even though you own a virtual property, the money you make is very much real.

Alien Worlds

As the name suggests, Alien Worlds is based on exploring far-off planets across the universe. The game is based in the year 2055, where you are an explorer who needs to go to other planets to mine the precious resource called Trilium (TLM).

While mining for Trilium, the players may also gain different types of NFTs, each of which can be used for different purposes within the game. Players can use the resources to improve their equipment to mine more Trilium or discover more NFTs. They can also engage in battles with other players and other in-game activities.

Clash of Coins

Clash of Coins claims to be the first blockchain-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game. MMORTS are games where a number of players interact or compete in a massive virtual world. 

Before you start playing Clash of Coins, the game asks you to join a clan, which are basically cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. This means there are different clans in the game defending each cryptocurrency. The players of each clan contest against each other to capture lands across the countries within the game.

If a clan captures an entire country, no other clan can capture that country for the next 30 minutes. Also, the clan gets rewarded in real ETH tokens for their feat.

Neon District

After being delayed several times, Neon District finally launched and gave cyberpunk cult fans something interesting to pass their time.

Neon District is a role-playing adventure game based in the dystopian future where a group of rebels is fighting an authoritarian government. Players can fight battles and collect futuristic characters, gears, and other items in the form of NFTs. These NFTs are tradeable in a digital asset marketplace on Polygon (previously known as Matic Network).

Into the Future of Blockchain Games

While blockchain games may have started small back in the day, they’re making huge strides of success today. Major gaming companies like Ubisoft also started experimenting with blockchain technology in games.

It is only a matter of time that other gaming giants also hop on the bandwagon. We are certainly not far away from the day that most games will offer real incentives to gamers, and the entire industry will become more player-focused. Finally!

Knowledge is Power

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