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How to Stake SOL Through Ledger Live?

Watch 3 min

You now can stake your Solana (SOL) directly through our Ledger Live app, with our partner Figment. Discover how with our step-by-step video guide!


Hi there, in this video, we’ll show you how to stake SOL through Ledger Live with our partner Figment. Before we start, make sure to download the latest version of Ledger Live from our website. Version 2.42 or above is what you need. Once that’s done, make sure you have a Solana account.


If you don’t, head over to the Accounts tab and use the +Add Account button to create your SOL account. Once it’s created, go ahead and fund it by clicking the Receive button to create a Solana deposit address. Verify that the address in Ledger Live matches the address on your Nano. If all looks good, click both buttons to approve, then send SOL to that address from another Solana wallet or your favorite exchange. What’s great about SOL is you only need around 0.02 SOL to start your staking journey!” Once the transaction clears, your SOL balance will appear in Ledger Live. This means your account is funded and you’re ready to delegate your stake.


Start by clicking the Stake button at the top. Take a moment to read the slide carefully, then click Continue. In the pop-up window, select Ledger by Figment and click Continue. Now, the percentages you see are commissions taken by validators to operate the staking feature. You’ll notice Ledger takes a smaller commission than most validators. If you’re wondering about APY, that depends on several factors, including uptime and speed of block production. A block explorer like Solana Beach can give you that info. Now, select the amount you wish to delegate, and remember to leave at least 0.01 SOL in your account to cover future transaction fees. Once you’ve entered the amount, click Continue to initiate the staking transaction. Review the transaction in Ledger Live and on your Nano. And if all looks good, go ahead and approve the transaction using the buttons on your device. Once that transaction is confirmed, you’ve initiated your SOL delegation. The transaction will show as still “ activating” for about 2-3 days, because it takes one full epoch for your delegation to activate. And once you see “active” in the Status column of your Delegations section, the Staking Provider – Figment in this case – has now staked your SOL and you are earning rewards. In case you’re wondering, your staking rewards will go into your delegated balance And when you’re ready to undelegate, or access your rewards, just follow the link below to our support article that walks you through those easy steps. Until then, enjoy that yield with Ledger by Figment!

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