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Blog posts, Company, Enterprise, Product | 01/09/2023

Ledger in 2022: Releases, Collabs & Next-Gen Devices

Things to know:

2022 was a pivotal year for Web3, showing the direction for an industry that needs more ownership, security, and freedom to thrive. 

Ledger reached many milestones, with the same North Star: to enable a future where users, artists, and brands manage their digital assets with control and freedom. 

We released the Ledger Nano S Plus and, during Ledger Op3n, announced the upcoming availability of Ledger Stax, the next generation Web3 hardware that you can preorder here

We also enriched your Ledger Live experience with new apps, coins & services, announced the CL Card availability in Europe, launched [ Ledger ] Market, the world’s first secure NFT platform, multiplied our cultural collabs, brought Web3 education to the next level, enriched the Ledger Enterprise platform with new services, and more. 

Discover our biggest product, hardware & software developments in 2022.

Our new hardware & consumer device

Ledger Nano S Plus – your DeFi & NFT friendly device

The Ledger Nano S Plus is the device we shipped in April to smoothly and securely explore DeFi, NFTs and Web3. Its bigger screen enables a better user experience, and its increased memory capacity allows the installation of +100 apps to explore the crypto galaxy freely. So far, we have sold more than half a million Ledger Nano S Plus devices.

Ledger Stax – the future of consumer devices has arrived

At Ledger, our ambition is to build the future of consumer devices. Over the past few years, we’ve all witnessed an unprecedented surge of new technologies, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and decentralized ledgers. This trend is not a passing fad. It is a new chapter of the Internet where billions of people will ultimately own and trade all things imaginable, virtual or physical, money or art, identity or property. Every digital era needs a hardware revolution to bring a shift to billions of people. People need a new generation of consumer devices to onboard the next chapter of the Internet. 

During our Ledger Op3n edition in December 2022, we announced that Tony Fadell, the iconic iPod and iPhone co-creator, teamed up with us to build Ledger Stax, our next generation of Web3 hardware, making your crypto journey infinitely more intuitive. It is a credit-card-sized device that will enable you to manage over 500 digital assets, your NFT collections and to explore an ever-growing range of Web3 apps through the Ledger Live app, connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Your Ledger Live Experience Enriched

Manage your NFTs seamlessly through your all-in-one-app

Earlier this year, we announced that you can automatically display your Ethereum NFTs and Polygon NFTs through your Ledger Live “Account” section and seamlessly send them to another wallet with the security of your Nano hardware wallet and no blind-signing. Watch this short guide:

A wide range of coins & blockchains added to Ledger Live:

In 2022, we integrated a wide range of coins and blockchains to make your Web3 experience complete and secure. Among them, hedera, cardano and cardano tokens, cronos, solana, elrond, filecoin, osmosis, fantom, moonbeam, songbird, and more. Find the complete list of coins here.

More apps added to your Discover section:

We collaborated and partnered with a wide variety of DApps, exchanges, NFT projects, payment providers and more to bring security and ease of use to everyone. Among the partners we’ve added to your Discover Section are:

  • Binance, enabling you to easily buy 80+ crypto with your credit card and expand your portfolio across multiple blockchains with full ownership and security. 
  • CIC, our new swap partner available on your Ledger Live desktop and mobile app Swap tab. With CIC, you can securely swap a wide range of coins and tokens including BTC,ETH, BNB and ERC-20 tokens like USDT and USDC.
  • Onjuno, a crypto checking account app that converts a part of your paycheck into crypto, is now compatible with your Ledger wallet.
  • ZenLedger, an app made for crypto users and tax professionals who need a simple way to process their crypto tax accounting. It can be used by anyone who would like their transactions easily aggregated and cleaned up into a readable format.
  • Alkemi Earn, a decentralized lending and borrowing platform that allows you to gain interest and earn passive income by looking up your crypto assets in a liquidity pool built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Cryptonovae, making price discovery and market overview fast and easy for cryptocurrency traders. Cryptonovae enables users to chart any cryptocurrency with tons of different indicators and customize it as they want.
  • Dispatch, an on-chain messaging inbox, enabling users to instantly view and engage with messages from their favorite projects, enabling them to stay up-to-date on event invites, incentivized surveys, and more.
  • StackinSat, a Bitcoin broker that offers users and businesses a simple and secure way to buy bitcoins.
More Staking Opportunities:

The staking process is often complicated and misunderstood. And that’s a shame, because crypto staking is an easy way to passively grow your digital assets while helping to secure a blockchain network.  

In September, we partnered with Figment, one of the world’s largest blockchain services providers – to bring you a seamless and secure way to stake your coins through Ledger Live. You can already stake your SOL, OSMO and ATOM coins with complete confidence using the Ledger validator.

We’ve also partnered with Kiln, a staking platform that enables you to participate in Ethereum’s security and earn rewards. 

An improved Ledger Live user journey

We have improved your Ledger Live UX and UI experience with a new swap interface making it easier to get the best deal, a new buy flow to make it smoother to choose the best partner according to your country and payment method, as well as a redesign of the wallet section of the mobile app.

“Ledger Connect”: our upcoming browser extension

As part of our mission to make your Web3 experience easy and secure, we have announced “Ledger Connect”, our upcoming browser extension that will enable you to seamlessly connect your Ledger hardware wallet to your favorite Web3 app without the need for a third-party wallet. 

“Ledger Connect” will also add a new security layer called “Web3 Check.” When a Web3 app will look suspicious, “Ledger Connect” will automatically warn you about potential security risks.

[ Ledger ] Market – the world’s most secure NFT platform for artists & brands

Regarding NFTs, convenience currently wins over security, and scams are everywhere. Brands and NFT artists have no choice but to comply with big marketplaces with weak security standards. 
[ Ledger ] Market is our distribution platform enabling anyone to create, store and distribute NFTs seamlessly and securely, featuring monthly curated drops, custom Ledger collabs and product drops for the most premium and secure NFT marketplace experience. So far, we have dropped the Genesis pass, Ledger Stax, Deadfellaz, Agoria and Brick NFTs. RTFKT and Jen Stark drops are coming soon. Learn more here.

Web3 Education brought to the next level

During Ledger Op3n 2022 in NYC, we announced new milestones in our Web3 Educational initiatives, including the launch of Ledger Quest, a Play-to-Learn educational platform, along with other exciting initiatives including an evolved, user-friendly and enriched version of the Ledger Academy and a partnership with The Sandbox bringing education to the Metaverse.

Ledger Enterprise: more services, more possibilities

Ledger Enterprise is a global technology provider allowing companies from all backgrounds to secure and manage their digital asset business. In 2022, we enriched our platform’s offering with increased staking, NFT and DeFi capabilities enhancing more use cases for our clients.

In 2022, we launched Tezos, Polkadot and Ethereum staking on the Ledger Enterprise platform, allowing users to seamlessly and securely stake assets and maximize their rewards. We also announced our NFT offering allowing our clients to mint, custody and distribute NFTs straight from the Ledger Enterprise platform and already onboarded famous brands like Farfetch, Salesforce or Time magazine. 

Finally, we expanded our DeFi capabilities allowing our clients to access more than 450 DApps through Wallet Connect. We’ve also improved the Ledger Enterprise API, enabling our clients to automate all their day-to-day operations and track relevant data in real-time, saving time and money.

Cultural, Luxury Collabs & Ledger Pro Team, our new Ambassador Program

In 2022, we’ve made a wide range of partnerships across art, luxury, music and gaming fields to awaken a deeper connection with culture and provide communities with the tools to safely navigate Web3. 

We launched our own Pro Team, our ambassador program, just like a skateboard company or shoe company like Nike or Adidas would. We want to work with the strongest leaders who can give us direct feedback from their communities.

Among our first Ledger Pro Team members are Bobby Hundreds, perhaps the best-spoken thinker on the intersection of tech, fashion, identity, and community, Mike Shinoda, artist and musician, creator of the pioneering music NFT collection Ziggurauts, well known for his work in Linkin Park and Fort Minor, Dan Held, Bitcoin community leader since the original 2013 SF Bitcoin Meetup days, and Deadfellaz (Betty and Psych) are idealists with great taste and a long-term vision who stand up for what they want.

We’ve also struck a wide range of partnerships, for instance, with Fendi bringing a pair of fashionable accessories that can fit a Ledger Nano X, with the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot, with the launch of 200 limited edition luxury watches showcasing the Bitcoin Latin motto “Vires in Numeris”. And you couldn’t miss Gunna wearing a diamond-encrusted chain and a Ledger around his neck at the Met Gala, bringing Web3 culture to life. We’ve also partnered with Stadium Goods, The Hundreds, GensokiShi, Faze Clan, and many more artists and communities. 

CL Card – Powered By Ledger – has arrived in Europe

We announced the European launch of the Crypto Life “CL” Card, powered by Ledger and provided by Baanx, a UK-based Web3 Fintech company. 

Powered by Ledger’s unique digital security ecosystem, the CL Card allows users to move assets quickly, seamlessly, and securely between their secured Ledger wallet and their card account using the Ledger Live app. With the CL Card, Ledger customers can spend their crypto or use it as collateral using innovative features such as Cryptodraft & Stableloans that open a line of credit to pay without selling their assets. Learn more here

Ledger Cathay Fund – Our venture to onboard the next billion users to Web3

In June, we launched a €100M early-stage venture fund, Ledger Cathay Capital, in partnership with Cathay Innovation, to onboard the next billion users on Web3.

Led by Cathay Innovation’s Denis Barrier and Ledger’s Pascal Gauthier and Michael Louzado, our new venture invests globally in Seed to Series A companies focused on emerging DeFi, security, infrastructure, digital ownership technologies, protocols and more.  The Ledger Cathay fund aims at unlocking the full potential of Web3 and reaching the next billion users while ensuring security and trust at scale.

2023: New Year, New Projects

For the year ahead, our strategy is clear: we will keep enhancing your experience with new services, apps, tokens, hardware and software improvements, and more. 

The future of Web3 hardware in the palm of your hands

In 2023, your Web3 journey will reach a significant step with Ledger Stax in the palm of your hands starting from April 2023 (preorder here). With Ledger Stax, you will experience the future of Web3 hardware, with a much bigger and curved touch screen, an ability to showcase your NFTs in unprecedented ways, and to seamlessly access an ever-growing range of Web3 apps.

More services, more drops, more projects

We will keep enriching your Ledger Live app with new coins, services, and DApps. In this regard, Ledger Connect, our upcoming browser extension, is an important milestone that will soon allow you to connect your Ledger wallet to your favorite Web3 apps without third-party wallets. enabling more ease of use when interacting with Web3. 

In parallel, the Ledger Enterprise B2B platform will increase staking possibilities with new protocols, integrate on-ramp/off-ramp capabilities, improve exchange connectivity, and more. And that’s not all. In 2023, the CL Ledger, powered by Ledger, will be available in more countries, enabling millions of users to make quick transfers between their CL Card and their Ledger Live app and to spend their crypto in real life. On the NFT front, Ledger Market, the world’s first secure NFT platform, will feature more drops from leading artists, brands, and communities.

Bringing the future of Web3 education to communities

On the educational front will bring many improvements, too, including an enhanced experience, more functionalities for the Ledger Academy, the full launch of Ledger Quest with a variety of partnerships to enable people to learn, play and earn POK NFTs from their favorite brands and creators, as well as the launch of “Ledger Educate” our educational programs for organizations and corporations that aim to educate their employees and achieve their Web3 transitions.  

Looking ahead

Your Web3 adventure is just beginning with us. We want to contribute to a world where users, creators, and brands manage Web3 value with complete ownership and freedom. Stay tuned, as many more exciting news are coming soon. 

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