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Security of Everything

Ledger is leveraging its open source operating system running on top of a certified EAL5+ secure element, ensuring best in class security for all future IoT services, connected to blockchain to trust and trace data generated by IoT devices.

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Manage and attest sensitive data origin using secure and blockchain ready solutions

Consumer Electronics

Embedded secure blockchain wallets inside portable devices (e.g. Tablet, Mobile Phone, Laptop) with eHSM associated services to ensure end user assets’ privacy.


Sensitive Medical Data Collection: send verifiable, authenticated & encrypted personal health data to authorized medical team for remote diagnostic or patient follow-up.


Guarantee of Origin Issuance: irrefutable attestation proving green energy production, stamped to prove origin & registered on a blockchain.

Supply Chain

Goods transportation monitoring, by securely registering information on a blockchain (e.g. temperature, localisation, transfer of ownership).


Secure remote collection, attest and authenticate the data generated by any type of field devices and securely register it into a blockchain.


Send attested car data (notably mileage) to car manufacturer clouds or blockchains for remote diagnostic, infotainment or third-party services (e.g. insurance, car resellers).


Secure communication between devices inside a plane using embedded HSM and key management capabilities.

How it works

Secure objects interactions Powered by BOLOS™

Ledger eSense

Leveraging BOLOS security features, Ledger ESE enables multiple use cases from securing critical car systems to medical appliances.

Ledger Sensei

Ledger Sensei is a cryptographic attestation of the sensor reading, authenticating the origin of the measure. Together with an anti-tampering mechanism, rendering it inoperably in case of manipulation attempt.

Ledger Sensei Gateway

Ledger Sensei Gateway is in charge of locally aggregate Ledger Sensei information and securely rooting a batch of information directly to any blockchain or to any third-party platform. Ledger Sensei Gateway can be associated with dSense Cloud Services to provide additional security transport layer for sensitive customer information.

Ledger dSense

Ledger Cloud Services starts from Secure OS Update to Device authentication and data encryption from the endpoint to the cloud.


Ledger Origin Devkit

Security of Everything

Develop your secure apps based on Ledger's open source OS running on tamper proof secure element

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